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Sanscrita "Essence of Ayurveda"

Sanscrita Almond Scrub - 50 gm

Sanscrita Almond Scrub - 50 gm

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Indulge in the divine essence of Dr. Nita Goswami's exquisitely crafted Ayurvedic Scrub, meticulously blended with a symphony of rare Ayurvedic herbs, the purest Aloevera, luscious Almond, and invigorating Lemon Oil. This opulent elixir transcends mere skincare, for it possesses the power to transport your senses to a realm of pure rejuvenation.

Gently caressing your skin with the finest granules of almond, this sublime scrub unveils an enchanting ritual, delicately cleansing and exfoliating every pore, liberating your visage from the clutches of impurities. Each moment of this divine experience nurtures your skin, as if tending to the most precious of blooms, encouraging radiant cell growth and bestowing upon you a luminous, flawless allure.

Behold as this luxurious treasure lavishes your skin, infusing it with the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda.

Embrace the regal splendor of Ayurvedic Scrub, an exquisite symphony of opulence and wellness, Reveal the true essence of your allure and awaken your skin's health with this unparalleled indulgence in luxury and self-care.

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